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What is Liposuction

The desire to look beautiful has made liposuction surgery the most sought out procedure among the cosmetic surgery procedures at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Diamantis states that liposuction in Cleveland is one of the most commonly performed procedures that patients have done. Their results are very consistent and many patients will get the body they have always dreamed about having. Liposuction surgery refers to the procedure of removal of excess fat with a straw-like instrument called a cannula, which is attached to a suction machine. Thus liposuction helps in improving the appearance of the body by removing the visible fat. Liposuction surgery is a remarkable body contouring surgery, giving you the desired look you only imagined.

The procedure of liposuction is performed by converting the layer of fat under the skin to a network of tunnels through which the cannula removes the unwanted fatty deposits. After this, an elastic garment is worn which helps in compressing and healing. This results in giving an attractive appearance by sculpting the bulging areas.

When is Liposuction indicated?

Liposuction is useful in treating unwanted superficial fatty deposits pretty much anywhere on the body. Some medical conditions such as excessive sweating, non-cosmetic fat accumulation as in lipomas (benign fatty tumors), and gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts), may also be helped with current liposuction techniques. When unwanted fat deposits are removed, patients can have significant improvements in their shape and contour. The techniques are minimally invasive and produce fantastic results. Because liposuction is a cosmetic procedure, it helps to give a new look to your body. You may even find that you can begin to fit into those clothes you wore 20 years ago!!!

Tumescent Technique of Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction in Cleveland refers to the procedure of filling the skin with local anesthetic so as to efficiently emulsify the fat. The unwanted fat is then carefully removed from that area with thin instruments called cannulas. Liposuction can be performed under local or general anesthesia as indicated. It can be performed in an outpatient surgical setting or in a hospital.

The tumescent liposuction procedure involves injecting large volumes of solution containing dilute lidocaine, a local anesthetic and dilutes epinephrine, to shrink capillaries and prevent blood loss directly into the areas of excessive fatty deposits. The solutions are injected with minimal discomfort. After the liquid is injected, a small incision is made in the skin and then a cannula connected to a specialized suction machine is inserted into the fatty layer. With gentle motions, the fat is removed through the tube into the collection system. This technique is useful in uniformly removing large amounts of fat with fewer irregularities in skin. This technique also has an advantage of causing less bleeding and bruising.

More recently, advances in ultrasonic technology have made skin tightening much more possible. This technique may be ideal for you if you have loose skin in-addition to unwanted fatty deposits, especially after childbirth. Ultrasonic liposuction in Cleveland may be the cure for loose skin and excess fat, and may be combined with other procedures such as breast augmentation to complete a “mommy make-over”.

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