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Weekend LIFT in Cleveland

The time has come for you to look as young as you feel.

WeekendLiftJoin the thousands of people who experience renewed confidence by showing a fresh and vibrant face to the world.  The WeekendLIFT™ is a new revolutionary advancement in facial cosmetic surgery that rejuvenates your face by giving you  a refreshed look! The WeekendLIFT™  was invented and trademarked by Dr. Diamantis

, to deliver impressive natural results with minimal surgery and little downtime. The small incisions are strategically placed to allow maximum lift and rejuvenation without a large traditional facelift incision. The WeekendLIFT™ addresses the facial signs of aging in one all-encompassing procedure. For instance, the laugh lines around your mouth are softened with a transfer of your own fat. The unwanted fat is removed from areas of the face that has too much fat (i.e. under the chin and jowls) via liposculpture and placed in areas of the face that volume is  needed (i.e. laugh lines, and marionette lines). Facial fat is an ideal graft/ filler for various reasons. It is a safe and natural cosmetic dermal filler that restores volume and fullness to the deep facial lines without risk of allergy and/or rejection. In time, fat  softens and rejuvenates the facial lines permanently. The WeekendLIFT™ also contours and tightens the jaw line and neck, giving you a more youthful  rested look. The neck line and jowls are improved by tightening and re-draping  of the excess skin in a more aesthetic vector. The WeekendLIFT™ will turn back the clock approximately ten years instantly. The entire procedure is performed in our AAAHC accredited suites in under an hour. Doctors Diamantis will be glad to assist you with a physician prescribed skin care program to help slow the aging process down and extend the longevity of your results.

Am I a candidate for the WeekendLIFT™?

People of all races and gender experience facial aging.  Most women and men are good candidates for the WeekendLIFT™. A relatively small number of people are not suitable candidates usually because of medical conditions. If you are not a candidate, we will explain why. Our trademarked techniques are within the reach of virtually anyone who would like to look as good as they feel.  Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery offers low interest free monthly financing for qualified applicants. Dr. Diamantis will develop a treatment plan that best addresses your goals, while still within your budget. If you are a healthy male or female between thirty-five and sixty-five years of age, have jowl/loose skin on your face (lower cheeks, jaw line), excessive neck skin and neck fat, and do not look as good as you feel, you are an excellent candidate for the WeekendLIFT™.

<h2style=”text-align: center;”>Getting all the facts about the WeekendLIFT™-PRIVATE CONSULTATION

Good News! More than 90% of the people we see in consultation are good candidates for the WeekendLIFT™. You can schedule your initial consultation, conducted by Dr. Diamantis, in the privacy of our AAAHC accredited offices. Bring your spouse, or a relative or friend, if you like. This meeting generally takes less than an hour and will give you the opportunity to ask questions, meet Dr. Diamantis, and thoroughly understand the process. There is never a fee for consulting with Dr. Diamantis. During your meeting, he will review your medical history, diagnose your aesthetic goals, provide straight answers to all questions about facial aging, and tell you if you are a suitable candidate for the WeekendLIFT™. Our Doctors will discuss specific goals for your appearance. During you consultation, Dr. Diamantis will help develop a treatment plan that achieves your rejuvenation goals.

When can I resume my normal activities?

Naturally, this depends on your occupation and how physically demanding your activities are. Our Doctors utilize trademark techniques that enhance healing. This allows you  to resume normal activities almost immediately. Most patients wait three to four days (or a long weekend) before returning to work. The WeekendLIFT™ is a very safe procedure. The likelihood of serious surgical complications is negligible. As with any surgical procedure, there are some minor risks. During your private consultation, Doctor Diamantis will detail the benefits of the WeekendLIFT™ and develop a personalized treatment plan. The WeekendLIFT™ is performed in our AAAHC accredited office under local anesthesia and/or general anesthesia. There are no bandages or large dressing that is applied. You recover peacefully in our state of the art recovery room. You may resume your normal activities the following day.

Why is the WeekendLIFT™ so popular?

The WeekendLIFT™ is an innovative  cosmetic technique that tightens the skin of the face, sculpts the neckline, and fills in the laugh lines in a permanent manner.  WeekendLIFT™, modernized by our Doctors, delivers impressive results with little surgery and minimal downtime. This equates to almost  immediate results and very little discomfort. Dr. Diamantis has performed the WeekendLIFT™ for nearly two decades with a high patient satisfaction rate.  For over seventy years, people over the age of thirty-five have routinely looked for the “facial fountain of youth”. Historically, the only reproducible procedure available in modern medicine was the traditional facelift.  A traditional facelift is a major operative surgery which requires an extended healing period. Many of us, with our busy schedules (work, children, grandchildren, and social events) just cannot take the time off that is required for a traditional facelift. Most of us want less surgery and a short recovery period. Modern medicine did not have a reproducible alternative option. Until now! We are happy to announce a new less invasive procedure that delivers excellent results with less surgery and minimal down time, The WeekendLIFT™!


Take the next step: request a FREE Cosmetic Surgery Consultation now and see if The WeekendLIFT® is right for you! Call us at 216.227.3333. You can visit Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery at our convenient locations in Canton and Cleveland, Ohio or complete the form and one of our representatives will call you within 24 hours!

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