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Breast Augmentation in Cleveland

The most frequently used breast implants are the Saline Breast implants in Cleveland, Ohio. They accounted for nearly 90% of all implants used for breast augmentation procedures. Saline breast implants consist of a shell made of silicone and they come filled with air from the manufacturer. Prior to the placement of implants inside the breast, the air is removed. At the time of surgery; the implants are filled with a sterile saline solution (IV Fluid) after putting them in the right place. This procedure for increasing the breast size requires very short incisions (approximately 1-2 inches).
Breast Augmentation Cleveland
At Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery, saline breast implants are used for breast augmentation as they have certain advantages over other breast implants. There are two main advantages of using these implants. Firstly, there are no controversies surrounding their use as compared to silicone breast implants which were once under a lot of controversy. Secondly, in case of a leakage or rupture of saline breast implants, the body absorbs the fluid quickly and the saline fluid (IV fluid) is excreted as if you drank a glass of water. It is very easy for the patient to know about the leak or rupture in the breast implants. The patient comes to know pretty shortly after the implant begins to deflate that there is a leak or rupture of the implant(s). The breast(s) return back to the size they were before augmentation and patients notice that there breast is no longer filling out their bra like it once had. There is also no risk to the body in case of leakage as it is the same as the body’s natural fluid.

Patients who have an asymmetry where the breasts are two different sizes, can also benefit from the saline implant. These implants come delated from the manufacturer and are then rolled up and placed inside the pocket that is created during surgery. This enables Dr. Diamantis to use a smaller incision and insert the implant with minimal difficulty. The deflated breast implant is then gradually filled with sterile salt water until the appropriate volume is reached. Saline Breast Implants in Cleveland, Ohio can then be filled to help match the two breasts better since the volumes can be adjusted. This is different than the silicone gel breast implant because those cannot be changed and come prefilled from the manufacturer.

Breast Augmentation Cleveland Breast Augmentation Cleveland
Saline Breast Implants

Enhance your breast size to the desired size with Saline Breast Implants at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery. Our offices are conveniently located at Canton, Lakewood, and Middleburg Heights.

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