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Results of Liposuction

Liposuction in Cleveland, Ohio is conducted at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery and gives very satisfying results. After liposuction, patients will experience several things such as swelling, bruising, and slight discomfort. These issues are common and will subside,resulting in the new shape which will become more apparent after the first few weeks of healing. Patients also tend to drop clothing sizes after the first month or so especially when fat is removed from the waist area. Most patients will get a huge confidence boost when they start to see the results after surgery.

The change after liposuction surgery is permanent as there are a fixed number of fat cells. Though the change is permanent, it is still advisable to have a restricted healthy diet and regular exercise, as to avoid significant weight gain in future.  Any significant weight gain will jeopardize the results of liposuction and may go to areas where it may look unattractive.

Result Liposuction Surgery

Follow Up after Liposuction

Following the liposuction procedures at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Diamantis  insures a smooth recovery of his patients. They regularly follow the progress of their patients for an extended period of a time. The staff at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery is committed to the highest level of care and well-being of their patients. The staff is available around-the- clock for any future needs.

Get the much-desired body and look your best with Liposuction in Cleveland at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery.  Our offices are conveniently located at Canton, Lakewood, and Middleburg Heights.

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