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Nipple Correction in Cleveland

Inverted nipples in Cleveland, Ohio are a common problem in women. They often look like a slit or hole in the nipple. Inverted nipples may be a source of self-consciousness or embarrassment. They can also cause frustrating problems with breastfeeding, or lead to infections or discomfort.  Many people do not know that this is a readily correctable problem.   The cause of nipple inversion is usually a congenital shortening of one or more milk ducts that run from the breast tissue to the nipple. Sometimes the shortening is caused by an infection or previous surgery, but most of the time the patient is born with this problem. These shortened ducts tether the nipple and pull it inward. There are many types of described repairs. The correction will involve division of the shortened duct(s) through a tiny incision located at the junction of the nipple and the areola. This is usually done under anesthesia or sedation in the office. There is minimal pain and swelling. Patients often return to work the next day. The inverted nipple repair restores the nipple to a more natural, projecting appearance. Breastfeeding is not likely after repair; sensation may not be affected.

Patients can also have large, elongated nipples that take away the youthful appearance of the breast and is aesthetically unattractive; this can be visible through clothing. Nipple Size can be corrected surgically under anesthesia or sedation in the office with minimal down time. To reduce the nipple size, the preferred technique can reduce the length and diameter of the nipple. In this technique, a ring of tissue is removed from the base of the nipple, allowing the nipple to collapse on itself which effectively shortens its height. Removal of vertical strips of tissue allows for reduction of the diameter.   There are several other techniques available to achieve this goal. Many, however, involve amputating the end of the nipple. This can create more scarring and lead to distortion of the ducts. Surgical correction of inverted nipples in Cleveland, Ohio or correction of elongated nipples in Cleveland, Ohio is both readily correctable problems with a simple, office-based procedure. There is minimal down-time, and patients are back to work shortly.

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