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Mommy Makeover in Cleveland

Dr. Diamantis, at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery, specializes in the Mommy Makeover in Cleveland, Ohio.

He has offices located in Lakewood, Middleburg Heights, and Canton for your convenience.

Moms are incredible! They endure so many changes to their bodies both mentally and of course, physically. Pregnancy wreaks all sorts of havoc on moms- from morning sickness, to indigestion and heartburn, to being tired all the time, food aversions, stretch marks, skin problems and acne, varicose veins, sagging breasts, and of course weight gain. In fact, most women gain 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. Furthermore, there also issues stemming from hormonal changes including post-partum depression, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

Even after the birth of your child, your body will not just “go back to the way it was”. Not only that, but your life gets more chaotic as your child grows and needs constant attention. All of this has a tremendous impact not only on your appearance, but also the way you feel about yourself. Considering all of these things, we have been able to make an impact on moms by performing a “Mommy Makeover”.

The Mommy Makeover can help restore your appearance, especially in the breast and abdominal regions, and more importantly, help you feel better about yourself. You can regain the confidence you once had to wear the clothing you once did before pregnancy.Before you consider the Mommy Makeover, there are several aspects to consider, but first, and foremost it begins with choosing the right doctor for your Mommy Makeover in Cleveland: Dr. Diamantis!

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Diamantis is a board certified cosmetic surgeon who performs the Mommy Makeover in Cleveland. In addition, he is a board examiner as well. He has extensive training in cosmetic surgery. A mommy makeover is performed using a unique combination of cosmetic surgery techniques designed to counteract the effects of pregnancy- getting back to your pre-pregnancy form!

A Mommy Makeover may consist of several different procedures done either together or in a few steps. The procedures typically include the following:

Mommy makeovers can include any or all of these body contouring procedures depending on your wishes and needs.

Breast Augmentation/Implants

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)


Fat Grafting

Butt Lift

Many women will experience breast enlargement during and after pregnancy especially if they breast feed. Once this is completed, the breast tissue will shrink up but the skin is still stretched out. This results in a deflated, “pancake” appearance to the breast. These women will need to have a breast implant placed to replace the volume of the breast, making them perky and full again. Other women may have so much loose skin that they may need a breast lift either with or without an implant. Further, some women will need a breast reduction after pregnancy depending on their situation and preferences.

Many women will request liposuction in-conjunction with breast implants to give them a shapely appearance. The weight women gain during pregnancy is stored as fatty tissue in the breasts, abdomen, flanks (love-handles), hips, lower back, buttocks and thighs. Consequently, the common sites to have fat removed include the abdomen, waist, inner and outer thighs, neck, knees, arms, back, and under or above the bra area. Many patients also request fat grafting to give them a better butt or enhance other areas of their body by plumping up areas.

As your baby gets bigger during pregnancy, so does your abdomen. This may result in a weakening and separation of the abdominal muscles, and stretching of the abdominal skin. This stretching may cause a breakage of the skin proteins resulting in stretch marks. These unsightly marks are purple-red in color and concentrated around the belly button and lower abdomen. The best treatment may include a tummy tuck to deal with weakened muscles and stretch marks.

The Mommy Makeover in Cleveland often includes a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty procedure to tighten the underlying muscle that stretch out from pregnancy. This procedure will also remove excess skin, fat, and unwanted stretch marks. If there is only a small amount of loose tissue, then a mini-tummy tuck may be best.

In addition, some women have been requesting a butt lift or Brazilian butt lift to help improve the shape of their backsides. These procedures can be safely done together, but depending on the extent of surgery, may be broken-up into a couple of surgeries.

Preparing for a Mommy Makeover

You need to consider several factors before deciding to have a Mommy Makeover:

Are you going to have more children? If you plan to have more children, wait. The vertical muscles in the abdomen (which are tightened during a tummy tuck) can re-separate. This will completely ruin your result.

Are you at a stable weight? Being at a stable weight before surgery can help maximize your results. If possible, try to maintain a consistent exercise and diet regiment to avoid problems after surgery. Patients who crash diet or exercise in a furious manner before surgery will likely gain weight after surgery. This may also ruin the results of surgery. You should be maintaining a healthy, balanced diet with a consistent exercise scheme.

Are you finished nursing? You should wait a minimum of 6 months after completion of nursing to consider cosmetic breast surgery. When you are breastfeeding, the milk ducts become enlarged, and there are increased numbers of blood vessels in the breast. The blood vessels may also be bigger and enlarged to provide nutrients to the glands to produce milk. These issues when combined lead to increased bleeding and risk of infection.

What areas bother you most and what can you do about them?

Dr. Diamantis will help you devise a personalized Mommy Makeover in Cleveland by reviewing the areas of concern. He will help you target the bothersome areas of your body and give you a safe and optimal treatment plan.

Dr. Diamantis will help determine if your expectations are reasonable and develop a plan for your Mommy Makeover. It is recommended that you wait a minimum of six months after having a baby before considering cosmetic surgery. This will allow ample time for your body and your life to settle and normalize.

It is also important to stop smoking and drinking alcohol as these can cause problems with healing. You will need to avoid aspirin and ibuprofen-type drugs that are known to increase the risk of bleeding. Certain herbal supplements can also increase bleeding so you will need to make Dr. Diamantis aware of all drugs and supplements that you are taking.


Your recovery from a Mommy Makeover in Cleveland will vary based on which procedures are included in your makeover. There some things that you can do to help your recovery go as well as possible.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Do not smoke or drink beginning 4 weeks before surgery
  • Sleep with your legs elevated using a pillow
  • Keep yourself well hydrated
  • Take a B-Complex Vitamin starting 1 week before surgery
  • Make sure you get up and walk 4-5 times a day

You will also need a sports bra that either zips or snaps in the front if you are having a breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction. This will help minimize swelling. Most swelling should subside within a few weeks, although some swelling may persist for up to 6 months after surgery.

If you are going to have a tummy tuck, then you will have an abdominal binder that you will wear for 2-3 weeks. You may also have drainage tubes that will stay in roughly 5 days. Dr. Diamantis also recommends a pain pump to reduce post-operative discomfort. Once the drains and pain pump are removed, you will be able to shower normally. Swelling should go down after a few weeks and final results should be apparent within a few months.


All surgeries have risks, though longer surgeries that involve multiple parts of the body increase these risks. To help minimize risks, Dr. Diamantis may recommend breaking up multiple procedures into a few steps. Risks of a Mommy Makeover in Cleveland may include (but are not limited to):

  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Poor wound healing or separation
  • Anesthesia complications
  • Blood clots in the legs, cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • Need for revision surgery
  • Unsatisfactory results


The cost of your mommy makeover will vary based on the procedure(s) involved. This could include liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast implant surgeries. Multiple procedures necessitates more time in the operating room, which means additional costs.

In general, the cost of surgery includes anesthesia, the surgeon’s fee, implant fees (if applicable) and the facility or operating room fee. The cost for a mommy makeove is typically a one-time fee.

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