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Male Breast Surgery in Cleveland

Some men can develop enlargement of their breasts due to many reasons. This is called gynecomastia. It can make you very self-conscious or even avoid situations where you otherwise would be shirtless. Male breasts are a mixture of fat and breast tissue, similar to a female patient. Surgical treatment may become necessary if the breast is enlarged or causes discomfort. We offer several treatments for males suffering from gynecomastia in the Cleveland, Ohio area.


Male Breast Surgery

Male Breast Surgery / Gynecomastia


  • One of the first instances of gynecomastia may be seen in newborns. The hormones from the mother (estrogen and progesterone) may stimulate enlargement in the small amount of breast tissue present in both male and female newborns. This generally resolves within a few weeks after birth.
  • One of the most common causes of gynecomastia is puberty. As boys enter and progress through puberty, the fluctuations in hormone levels may alter their physical appearance.
  • Endocrine or hormonal problems may also be a cause of male breast enlargement; however, this is relatively rare. If this is suspected, blood tests may be ordered to measure various hormone levels.
  • Certain drugs can also cause gynecomastia. Marijuana and alcohol, if used frequently, may lower testosterone levels. There are many prescription medications that may occasionally cause gynecomastia, most significantly the drugs used to treat prostate hypertrophy.
  •  As with any enlargement or lump that can arise in the body, tumors must be considered a possibility when evaluating a male breast enlargement patient. If a discrete mass or lump is identified during an exam, or if the growth is new, then a complete work-up with mammography, ultrasound, or MRI may be indicated.


Since several different treatments can be effective in correcting the physical deformity of male breast enlargement, we offer multiple types of treatments for gynecomastia in our Cleveland, Ohio offices. One of the most important factors is the amount of fat in relationship to breast/glandular tissue. If there is a significant amount of loose skin, this may also play a role in determining which therapy is recommended. All of the recommended procedures are performed at an outpatient surgery center.

If enlargement is small or mild, then liposuction may be used to treat the deformity. Removal of fatty tissue (adipose) may be easily performed in the office with minimal down time. Drains may not be needed but most patients will have to wear a garment for a brief period of time.

If enlargement is graded moderate, then liposuction may be combined with open removal of excess breast tissue. Most times, ultrasonic liposuction (VaserLiposelection) is used to break up the tissue and help to create skin tightening. Nonetheless, some patients may still need a small incision to remove some of the remaining breast tissue.

In severe cases of gynecomastia or cases of massive weight loss with lots of loose skin, a traditional breast reduction surgery may be recommended. The breast tissue will be removed, the nipple will be adjusted and moved upwards, and the loose skin will tightened.

Please contact us to discuss how to  treat your gynecomastia in Cleveland, Ohio.


All surgeries carry some risk of problems afterward. Fortunately, these risks are rare, especially the more significant ones. The most common problems after gynecomastia surgery are skin irregularities, asymmetry, nipple numbness, scarring, residual glandular tissue, healing problems, and pain.

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