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What is a Facelift?

Rhytidectomy in simple terms is known as facelift surgery. In Cleveland, Canton, Ohio, Dr. Diamantis and DrFacelift Cleveland. Goldschmidt along with new techniques are able to perform this procedure in their AAAHC accredited office. This is a very common and private out-patient procedure at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery.

Rhytidectomy is derived from two Latin words ‘rhytid’ meaning wrinkle and ‘ectomy’ meaning removal of; thus it literally means removal of wrinkles with surgery. Wrinkles can be due to heredity, age and other environmental factors. The rate of aging differs from person to person.

Should I get a Facelift?

The decision to have a facelift rests with the individual. There is no fixed age or time to have a facelift. This can be performed on patients in their early thirties all up until the mid to late eighties. The best time to have a consultation for a facelift surgery at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery is when you begin to feel like you are much older in appearance than you actually feel.

What happens during the consultation?

You can schedule your initial cosmetic consultation–conducted by Dr. Diamantis or Dr. Goldschmidt–in the privacy of our office. Bring your spouse, or a relative or friend if you like. This meeting generally takes less than Facelift Clevelandan hour and will give you the opportunity to ask questions, meet the Doctors, and thoroughly understand your options. A facelift is a major surgical procedure, so surgical incisions and stitches are a normal part of the procedure. It is also impossible to remove all the wrinkles and folds of skin of the face while still maintaining a natural appearance. Your cosmetic surgeon will evaluate your skin condition and then make a decision regarding the removal of skin so that it is done safely. Drs. Diamantis and Goldschmidt will make sure that it is suitable for the facial contour and gives a rejuvenated, younger appearance. A facelift, performed by Drs. Diamantis and Goldschmidt, is a marvelous procedure to improve wrinkled skin and jowls. The type of skin and the age of the patient affect the final results.

Common Adjunctive Procedures

A facelift in Cleveland, Canton, Ohio does more than just improve the wrinkled skin and appearance of the face. It boosts the self-esteem of the person. Dr. Diamantis and Dr. Goldschmidt, at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery, are cosmetic maxillofacial surgeons who understand the entire facial complex. Thus, they will perform a thorough evaluation of the face, examining the facial bone structure, skin texture and facial fat distribution. Once the facial evaluation is completed the Doctor  may suggest alternate or additional treatments. There are many benefits to combining  cosmetic procedures. First, it is safer to minimize the amount of anesthetic encounters. Also, by combining procedures it saves you money. The recovery stays the same while the cosmetic rejuvenation is additive which correlates to exponential facial improvement.  Other procedures that may be performed include any of the following:

  • Eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty)
  • Forehead lift (endoscopic brow lift)
  • Facial implants (chin and cheek augmentation)
  • Chemical peel (phenol peel)
  • Laser resurfacing–(Pixel Perfect®)
  • Botox Cosmetic®/Restylane®/Juvederm®
  • Lip enhancement
  • Fat Grafting (facial fat transfer)
  • Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)
  • Facial Liposuction /body contouring surgery


How Long Does a Facelift Last?

A facelift performed by Drs. Diamantis or  Goldschmidt resets the clock back 10-15 years. The facelift patient will always look more  youthful and rested then the patient that did not have a facelift.  Some patients require a “tuck revision” in 10-15 years. The Doctors at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery will develop a post-operative skin care program to extend the life of their facelift. It is their goal to extend and maintain the investment in yourself. However, a realistic approach is needed when opting for a facelift. The results depend on a lot of other factors. It is impossible to state the actual period of time the affect will last as it depends on many factors. Some of the factors are in the patients control while others are genetic. Here are  several factors:

  • Amount of skin removed
  • Lifestyle issues such as diet, smoking, alcohol and exercise etc.
  • Age (chronological vs. biological)
  • Type of skin (Fitzpatrick I-VI)
  • Amount of sun and wind exposure previously
  • Condition and texture of the skin
  • Condition of the patient (ASA I-II)
  • Healing ability (diabetes, hypertension)

How is a Facelift Performed?

A facelift at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery may be performed under general anesthesia or IV Sedation in the privacy of our AAAHC surgical suite or in an outpatient surgical center setting. Following the procedure, the patient willFacelift Cleveland return home and resume their normal activities. The patient experiences minimal discomfort in the first week following the surgery. Following the cosmetic surgeon’s advice will give satisfactory results.

The facelift in Cleveland, Ohio begins with an incision by the surgeon in the area of the temple. The incision is just above and in front of the ear which continues around the lobe and circles around the ear, finally returning to the point of origin in the scalp.  After raising the skin outward, the surgeon repositions and tightens the muscles and connective tissue lying underneath.  This maneuver is very important to extend the longevity of the facelift. Fat and excess skin is removed.

For men, the incision is made in such a way that it aligns to accommodate the natural beard lines. The incision in all the cases is generally placed in such a way that it falls in a natural crease of the face, hence it gets hidden and slowly fades over time.

After the trimming process, the incisions are closed with fine sutures or metal clips. This permits the surgery without shaving the hair from the site of incision. The facelift process may take from two to three hours, depending on the extent of the surgery. A little discomfort is expected when the surgery is performed with a combination of local anesthesia, mild sedatives, and mild intravenous anesthesia. Following the surgery, the surgeon applies a dressing to protect the incision site.

What happens after a Facelift Surgery?

After the surgery, the bandages are placed about the head and face for up to 24 hours. The bandages and the area of incision should be kept dry until the removal of the sutures. Some form of discoloration and some swelling of face and eyelids are commonly expected after the surgery. The swelling is most notable on the second and third days after the surgery and diminishes in approximately 12-14 days.

Pain medications are prescribed by the Drs. Diamantis and Goldschmidt to alleviate the pain. Any discomfort or significant pain that is not relieved with pain medications or bleeding, redness or drainage around incisions is to be reported to the surgeon.

Routine Post-Operative Care

The Doctors will review all post-operative care and give the patient an all-inclusive facelift packet detailing their instructions. Patients of Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery have minimal post-operative complications and routinely have superb results. However, extreme care is to be taken following facelift surgery so as to avoid complications and to aid the healing process. Care should be taken for the following:

  • Make-up can be applied after 7 days following the surgery.
  • Hair coloring should be performed after the cosmetic surgeon gives permission.
  • Rough massage is to be avoided.
  • Hair dryers, if used to be at low heat or at cool settings.
  • Avoid wearing heavy earrings .
  • Limit social activities.
  • Avoid strenuous exercises for up to 2 weeks.
  • Consult your surgeon for any advice or to get answers for post-surgical queries.

Are they any risks with Facelift Surgery?

The likelihood of serious surgical complications is very low. A facelift surgery in Cleveland, Ohio is performed in our AAAHC accredited facilities. During your multiple meetings with Dr. Diamantis or Dr. Goldschmidt, he will review your medical history, develop the best treatment plan and discuss any risks, benefits  or alternative therapies. If our Doctors take you on as a patient then the risks are minimal.  The risks associated with the surgery are as follows:

  • Scarring is common and the surgeon will try his best to make these scars inconspicuous.
  • Accumulation of blood under the skin (hematoma), which will be removed by the surgeon.
  • Appearance of minor crust on the incisions, which goes away on its own.
  • Slight numbness around the ears, cheeks, and areas of incision.
  • Infection on areas of incision (they minimize this with IV and PO antibiotics).
  • In very rare cases nerve damage.

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Facelift Cleveland

With new innovations and advanced techniques utilized by Drs. Diamantis and Goldschmidt, facelift surgery is safer with longer lasting results. The new improved facelift gives a natural refreshed appearance to the face. Look younger and feel better with Facelift Surgery at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery. Our offices are conveniently located at Canton, Cleveland, Lakewood and Middleburg Heights.  To receive a free cosmetic consultation, call now at 216.227.3333 or click here to fill in the form and one our representative will respond to you within 24 hours. Your informations is confidential and private.