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Dermabrasion in Cleveland

Dermabrasion in Cleveland, Ohio is a cosmetic surgery and is commonly known as skin resurfacing by mechanical means. Dermabrasion is performed by Dr. Diamantis at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery with the use of abrasive tools. This procedure gives an improved and smoother appearance by removing the outer layers of the skin. This procedure is done under local anesthesia, IV sedation (twilight sleep), or general anesthesia. Dermabrasion at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery is often used for treating acne scars, trauma scars, and camouflaging other skin irregularities or scars.

Your skin has two layers: an outer layer- or epidermis and an inner layer- or dermis. There are two dermabrasion techniques available: superficial and deep technique. In superficial dermabrasion, portions of epidermis are removed while in deep dermabrasion all of epidermis and a portion of dermis are removed. For the treatment of scars, deep techniques are preferred as they are very effective. Deep techniques need a greater healing time and also carry a slightly higher risk of complications.

Dermabrasion greatly improves the appearance of the skin and has excellent results in the treatment of acne scarring. After the procedure, the improvements continue for a longer period of time and take months as the collagen underneath the skin remodels. The treatments depend on the severity of scarring, but most patients just require a few treatments to get the optimal results. Patients with deep scarring such as “ice pick” scars require more treatments to get significant improvement. Dermabrasion continues to be an important technique for correcting deep acne, pox and trauma scars.

Who is a good candidate for Dermabrasion?

Patients with poor skin associated with uneven skin texture are ideal candidates for dermabrasion. Dr. Diamantis understands the psychological barrier poor skin texture can cause. Many patients have been battling with this condition for many years with no sign of improvement. Patients with active acne, infections, or other skin conditions that cause scarring need to be treated for their condition before undergoing dermabrasion. Dr. Diamantis will develop a skin care regimen to prepare your skin for dermabrasion. Other good candidates include those who have acne under control but continue to have acne, pox scars, and ice-pick scars. Dermabrasion, however,  is not suitable for people with darker skin types (Fitzpatrick IV-VI). This is due to the risk of darkening of skin or hyperpigmentation.


What are the complications after Dermabrasion?

Complications after dermabrasion in Cleveland, Ohio are rare. The likelihood of serious skin complications is negligible.  Dermabrasions performed by our Doctors in our AAAHC facilities at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery only involve the outer two layers of skin. The procedure is minimally invasive and very safe. You can discuss any concerns with Dr. Diamantis  during your private consultation. Some complications that may arise are as follows:

  • Infection
  • Prolonged Healing
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Scarring
  • Hypopigmentation

Schedule a Private Skin Evaluation with our Doctor

You can schedule your initial skin consultation-conducted by Dr. Diamantis in the privacy of our offices. The consultation will give you an opportunity to ask questions, meet the Doctor, and thoroughly understand the various skin treatment options. During your consultation, Dr. Diamantis will review your medical history, diagnose your skin type, and provide detailed answers to all your questions about acne/pox scarring. Our Doctors are versed in a variety of treatment modalities specifically designed to improve skin texture.  This includes dermabrasion, subcision of scar, excision of scar, Pixel Perfect (laser), and Obagi Skin Care.

Achieve smoother and more radiant skin with dermabrasion by Dr. Diamantis at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery. Our offices are conveniently located at Canton, Lakewood and Middleburg Heights. For a private consultation, call us at 216.227.3333 or click here to fill in the form. Your privacy is very important to us and thus your personal information is confidential and secure.

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