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Cohesive Gel Implants in Cleveland

Cohesive gel implants in Cleveland, Ohio are the newest advances in breast augmentation. Allergan and Mentor have been developing these implants for many years now and are currently awaiting FDA approval. The Natrelle 410 and Mentor CPG implants are felt to be the next greatest advancement in aesthetic breast surgery. What is so innovative about these breast implants is that if the shell were to rupture or tear, the gel is thicker and thus less likely to extrude from the shell and enter the tissues. These breast augmentation devices are textured and have an anatomic shape. The Cohesive gel breast implants have more of a firm feel which has led to them being called “Gummy Bear” breast implants. While there is much interest in these implants, they are relatively new to the breast augmentation market. The main advantage of silicone gel implants for breast augmentation is the soft natural feel to them. As the Cohesive gel implants have a firm consistency, it differs from the traditional gel filled breast implants in this regard. These implants seem to improve the rate of capsular contracture and may have fewer problems when compared to the current silicone gel implants.

The gummy bear implant cannot be placed through the belly-button incision (transumbilical approach). Saline breast implants, however, can be placed through this incision with ease. The gel implants are not made to fit through such a small incision because they are firm and come prefilled from the manufacturer. The silicone gel implant and the gummy bear implant can be placed through the armpit (transaxillary), the nipple (periareolar), or from the underside of the breast (inframammary). The inframammary approach is currently the most popular approach and allows Dr. Diamantis the greatest advantage of being able to give the best possible shape to the breast. There is also less risk of damaging the implant on insertion using the incision under the breast.

Another issue regarding Gummy Bear Breast Implants in Cleveland, Ohio is that they are only being tested in the anatomic or tear-drop shape style. These implants need to be inserted much more carefully than the round gel implants. “The surgical pocket needs to be much more precise because anatomic implants are not meant to shift within the pocket.” states Dr. Diamantis. “If the pocket is too big, then the implant may rotate and result in a very odd, deformed shaped breast. This would necessitate another surgery to correct the implant position.” The round gummy bear implants are not being considered for FDA approval as of yet. Further, the FDA has not released the anatomic gummy bear implants for general usage at this time. They are still being studied and evaluated by research centers in the United States.

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