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Belly Button Makeover in Cleveland

A Belly Button Makeover in Cleveland is also known as an Umbilicoplasty. A Belly Button Makeover is a cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Nicholas Diamantis at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery that improves the appearance of the central abdomen which includes the belly button (umbilicus). It is designed to give a good-looking tummy and a more aesthetic appearing belly button. This surgery is specifically done in conjunction with liposuction or tummy tuck surgery to flatten the area that surrounds the umbilicus. The skin is trimmed and belly button is tailored specifically to the shape requested.

After abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery, wherein loose skin and excess fat is removed, there is a need to relocate the belly button or reposition it. This is also done on request by patients with ‘Outie Belly Buttons” for converting it to an ‘Innie Belly Button’.

Belly Button Makeover

Actual patient photos before and after Belly Button Makeover

Need for Belly button Makeover

At Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery this surgery is done in the state-of-the-art, accredited surgical facility. The surgery is done with patients under anesthesia or “twilight sleep”. Dissolvable stitches are used in the surgery to make the procedure easier for patients and to minimize the worries of taking out the stitches.

Dr. Diamantis examines and evaluates carefully for any risk factors before giving a go ahead for this surgery. The patient’s overall health helps in determining the best approach. The evaluation also helps in fixing up of any problems such as a small hernia during the surgery.

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