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Acne Treatment in Cleveland

At Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery, the best system available for acne treatment in Cleveland, Ohio is Clenziderm M.D. ™ It has proved to be very effective and gives quick results as compared to other acne treatment procedures. It penetrates effectively and reduces the acne below the surface of the skin.

Obagi’s Clenziderm M.D. ™ used at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery includes a new form of benzoyl peroxide which is liquefied and is 1/10,000 the size of any benzoyl peroxide available. This helps in more effective penetration. To get an idea of how this system works, we need to know about acne and its causes.

What is acne?

Skin has sebaceous glands that produce an oily substance known as sebum. The sebum is expelled through the pores of skin. But in the case of people with acne, due to overproduction of sebum, the pores become clogged. Hormones and some other factors cause the overproduction of sebum. The pores that are clogged become infected with bacteria and lead to inflammations and pimples.

Pimples or acne are considered common in teenagers as they experience hormonal changes, but people of all age groups can get acne. The hormonal changes are pronounced during puberty, menstrual cycle, and pregnancy. Hormonal changes, skin care products and environmental irritants cause acne flare-ups. The typical sites for acne are the face, neck, chest, shoulders and back.

Does acne occur only in teenagers?

Acne is more common in males than in females and it persists in the 13 – 30 years age group, but it may persist even beyond this age limit. Acne treatment in Cleveland may be sought by both men and women of various age groups.

Prevention of Acne

Acne treatment depends on a patient’s need and is based on the type of skin and severity of acne. Most patients need a customized combination of therapies. Home care regimen also gives good response in many patients. The best treatment for acne is Clenziderm M.D.™. Obagi’s Clenziderm M.D.™ includes a liquefied form of benzoyl peroxide. It has more penetrating power than any other prescription benzoyl peroxide products. The prescription strength penetrates instantly into the pores and thus reduces the acne below the surface of the skin. This treatment provides a clearer complexion in a very short time and as early as 2 weeks.

It has been clinically proven that Clenziderm M.D.™ gives very quick results. In a clinical study, patients with normal to oily skin using Clenziderm M.D.™ experienced the following:

  • After one week of use there was a 23% reduction in sore red acne, which is twice the reduction as compared to patients using a leading prescription acne medication. There was a 52% reduction after 2 weeks.
  • After one week of use there was a 13% reduction in whiteheads and blackheads. This result is more than twice the reduction as compared to patients using a leading combination prescription acne medication. There was a 34% reduction after 2 weeks usage.

Acne is skin deep: it starts deep within the pores or hair follicles. Clenziderm M.D. ™ works more effectively as it has a liquefied form of benzoyl peroxide which is 1/10,000 the size of any other form of benzoyl peroxide available, so is able to penetrate effectively. Other benzoyl peroxides are formulated with insoluble crystals that are not able to penetrate the skin and hence they remain on the skin surface.

Get a clear acne free complexion and look at your best with Acne Treatment in Cleveland at Cleveland Cosmetic Surgery. Our offices are conveniently located at Canton, Lakewood and Middleburg Heights.

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